Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #12: Touch of an Angel

11th – 12th December, 2016

Henry dropped his Sunday morning paper and coffee. “Son of a bitch…” He had just read the news story of his “wingman,” Lydia Barrows, being taken by force from Club Pandemonium.

Charlie and Alice had just looked up the license plate Elizabeth gave them from her memory (and dreams) of the night before, and the team decided to visit Club Pandemonium to investigate.

When they arrived, the club was closed, but Henry looked around the outside. There were tire tracks, as if a car had skidded to a stop in front of the club and then sped off again. There were also two cameras with a view of the scene, but both had been shot out.

Elizabeth knocked on the door, in the hope that someone would be there before opening hours. A young woman looked out the window at her, and Elizabeth flashed her MI-5 credentials. The woman opened the door and introduced herself as Sophie MacIntosh, junior bartender and daughter of the club’s owner. Sophie wasn’t there last night, so all she had were the rumors she’d already heard and the news story. But she knew Lydia by first name, as she had been there many times before, each visit picking up a different guy. She thought she recognized Henry as one of those guys, but he quickly moved the conversation back on topic. In the end, she did agree to burn a copy of the camera footage for the team. The ride back to HQ was awkwardly silent, as Alice, Charlie, and Elizabeth tried and failed to pry information from Henry about how he knew Lydia.

Once back at HQ, they watched the camera footage to try to get more details and possibly a license plate. In the footage, a sedan drove up to the front door of the club. The driver, Keira Smith, held a pistol in her lap. The passenger, Neville Brown, jumped out and grabbed Lydia Barrows as she was on her way into the club. When the two bouncers attempted to intervene, Neville shot both of them while Keira shot the two cameras. But Elizabeth was able to isolate and enhance a frame of the footage to grab a license plate.

The team found the license plate to belong to a rental car, owned by Enterprise Rental, and rented by Keira Smith. Keira’s driving license indicated a London address, but a credit check indicated relatively little activity within the last month.

At that moment, Trevor Rothberry emerged from his laboratory for the first time in many days. He held a pair of devices, prototypes of a scanner, so he claimed. He handed one to Elizabeth as he told her, “You’re the smart one. This scanner should tell if someone is a Zygon and should be able to read psychic energy.”

Elizabeth immediately put her scanner to the test. She scanned Henry, but read negative for both psychic and Zygon. She then read herself as she concentrated on her psychic abilities, and the psychic meter sprang to life. Apparently, it only read active psychic abilities. Then she went to scan Fiona, and the device burned out. If the scanner in fact read active psychic abilities, she reasoned, Fiona must always be plugged in. An interesting piece of information, to be sure, but it left only Trevor with the only remaining scanner prototype.

Trevor immediately began scanning people, hoping to once again make sure no one here was a Zygon. The surprise came in scanning Melanie, who read as human but was emitting a lot of psychic energy. Struggling to keep the finding under wraps, he turned the scanner off and headed to Fiona’s office. “Why didn’t you tell us about Mel?” Trevor demanded of Fiona.

For the first time he had seen, Fiona seemed to pause and think about something. “Close the door…Dad.” She paused for a moment more while the door closed. “I still don’t know how it happens, but she is my mother. I am in her now.”

“I’ll tell you how that happens,” Trevor’s dry wit kicked in.

“That’s not what I mean. I know how people are made. I don’t know how this situation arises. But Mom dies in 1998, when I am eleven.”

Trevor didn’t remember the rest of the conversation, if there even was anything more, as his face went white and he reached for the door. He was starting to piece ideas together, as if the weight of what was to come suddenly fell upon him.

Meanwhile, Alice sought to confront Melanie about her alcohol abuse. Melanie was frantically searching her desk for the bottle she had hidden.

“What are you looking for, Mel?” Alice led.

“Uh, nothing important.”

“Looking for this?” Alice held up the empty whisky flask that Fiona had knocked away from her the previous day.

Melanie paused, as if she suddenly felt the consequences of her sins fall around her. “Maybe.”

“You have to stop this. You have a kid on the way.”

Trevor found Elizabeth to see if she had any Disulfiram, a drug used in aversion therapy to treat alcoholism, that she could administer to Melanie. Elizabeth didn’t have any on hand, but she knew a NHS doctor, Abigail Benning, who could prescribe some.

The next day, the team drove up to Killiecrankie to visit the home of Kurt Ashley, who had driven the van for the group responsible for blowing up Elizabeth’s flat. They found no one at home; although there were old dishes and stagnant water in the sink, it was clear from the garage that a vehicle had been parked here recently. Upon canvassing the neighborhood, they found that Kurt had left for work this morning, and that he worked as a bartender at the Treeside Inn.

Upon visiting the Treeside Inn, they found a sort of double establishment. During the day and into the early evening it was a tourist restaurant, but at night it turned into a bar and hipster poetry room. The owner, Alfred Stainton, was working as host, and there were two servers working the room, Zachary Ephron and Andrew Mullens.

Trevor walked around the room, scanning people with his new toy, and found that Alfred and Zachary were Zygons, while Andrew was human. When he finally rejoined the group, he picked up the check and added his business card to the payment. He handed it to Andrew, told him he was in danger, and asked him to call when he could get free.

They eventually met up with Andrew a couple of blocks from the Treeside, and Andrew told them Kurt hadn’t been to work in about a month. When Neuromancer told Trevor that its drone had detected Kurt’s van headed toward his home, the team dismissed Andrew and headed there.

The team arrived at Kurt’s house just as the garage door was closing, and they quickly set up and burst in through the front and back doors. Henry shot Kurt in the leg, taking him down. He and Trevor cuffed him with several pairs of handcuffs, just in case he transformed into Zygon form, and Elizabeth bandaged the wound so he wouldn’t bleed out. Henry started to interrogate him, but instead read his mind and then shot him twice, once in the genitals and then once in the head. Kurt’s body reverted to Zygon form as he died.

Henry got some information from the Zygon: his group had found a way to track the Ayr group of Zygons to the safehouse in Glasgow, though he didn’t know the particulars of the tracking method. Neville and Keira were on their way to Glasgow with “the angel” to take out their enemies as a sort of “final solution”.

This left the group in a bit of a quandary. Should they continue and raid the cave, since they were already in Killiecrankie and were looking for Lydia? Or should they rush back to Glasgow to save their allies? After some brainstorming, they created a third option: send Rev. Patterson and his group to the lighthouse in Islay to hide. Henry made the call to send them.

About halfway, the team received an update from Neuromancer. It couldn’t narrow down for certain which vehicle Keira and Neville might be driving, but one van had just diverted its course toward the ferry to Islay.

It seemed most of the dramatis personae had descended on the Islay ferry at once as the team arrived. Marvin was just driving the car onto the ferry, with Tucker Avery and Ariane Walters. Kiera’s van pulled up just behind them, with Neville in the passenger seat. Finally, Melanie and Fiona were already on the ferry, in one of the Torchwood vehicles. And there were some bystanders and ferry crew.

Henry hopped out and yelled for everyone to get down which, as much as possible, which cleared the field of non-combatants.

Neville opened the back of the van, revealing a Weeping Angel. Elizabeth thought back to the Torchwood files she had read about creatures like it. She remembered that it was impossible to kill while being watched, but at the same time it could not move or act. This one seemed different, though, as it seemed to have chains built into it.

The angel reached out for Neville, causing him to disappear. It then quantum-locked as the rest of the group stopped blinking.

Elizabeth and Alice both pulled out the devices they had discreetly tucked into their coats: Laser Pistols. Elizabeth shot Keira through the head, killing her instantly.

Trevor closed to melee with the Angel, hoping to shove it into the water while many eyes were still on it. He threw all the adrenaline he could muster at it, and he succeeded in pushing it into the water.

In that moment, Ariane revealed herself as a traitor to the team and her own people. She ran over to Melanie and Fiona, and she pushed them into the water. The last thought she ever had was that she wanted to clear more of the field of players, but Alice shot her, bisecting her from the shoulders on up with the new weapon.

Shocked at this sudden betrayal, Henry tried to reorient himself by leaning once again on his powers. He read Marvin and found much the same in his mind: “What’s going on? Why did Ariane betray us?”

Alice tossed her weapon to Charlie, and then she and Trevor jumped in the water after Melanie and Fiona. Charlie and Elizabeth looked into the water, holding their weapons ready. Then they all saw the angel, hovering in front of Fiona, but not quantum-locked, as Fiona concentrated on it. Somehow, she was interfering with its ability to quantum-lock. But Melanie was gone.

Elizabeth and Charlie both took advantage of the Angel’s vulnerability. They shot, disintegrating the Angel where it floated. Fiona collapsed into unconsciousness, one last breath leaving her as water flooded into her.

Alice and Trevor dragged Fiona to the shore, and Trevor administered CPR. “I’m not gonna let you drown today,” Trevor swore, whether because he felt he had been played, because he was frustrated at this inevitability of the event, or because he had loved Melanie. “You’re not getting off that easy.”


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