Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #10: Sisters

10th December, 2016

The next morning, everyone met up at Torchwood Two to compare notes. Elizabeth received a rude awakening when she realized that Nigel is a Zygon.


As the team deliberated their next action, the thought occurred to Elizabeth to go back to the roots of Torchwood, as an investigative agency. Surveillance of the city of Ayr seemed a better option than a frontal assault on Pham’s secret base, and perhaps the team could deplete Pham’s numbers with less risk because they were so focused on striking at the parish in Ayr.

Elizabeth, Charlie, Henry, and Alice settled on a potentially long-term surveillance, and they began by checking into an inn in Ayr, run by Tiffany Myles. As they entered the inn, Henry noticed another trio of operatives, trying to blend in but not quite succeeding, checking in ahead of them. He telegraphed his keen observation to the rest of the team, who quietly slipped to the lounge area to wait for the trio to finish. Once they checked in, Alice tailed them to find and place a camera outside their room so the team could track their movements.

Meanwhile, Charlie got a mysterious text message from her sister, Abigail: “999”. A brief exchange followed, in which she found that Abigail was in potential danger and was on her way to Glasgow by train. She would arrive at the main Glasgow train station at 1730.

Once the team checked into their rooms, Elizabeth wandered out on a “constitutional” to walk by Holy Trinity Church and place a camera across the street so the team could help guard them against further problems. As she returned, the team noticed one of the trio of operatives sneaking into the living space of the concierge, Tiffany Myles, possibly waiting for her as she was still working at the main desk.

Immediately, the team sprang into action, posting outside Tiffany’s door. When she inquired about the situation, Henry flashed his fake MI-5 credential, but otherwise was honest—someone was in her room, and the team needed to apprehend him. Tiffany was happy to cooperate with the team, and helped the team access her room. Fortunately, the team ushered her to the back of the group, as Henry opened the door and was immediately attacked by the intruder. But Charlie made quick work of the intruder with her stun gun, knocking him unconscious and taking him prisoner. When asked, Tiffany happily provided Henry with a key to the intruder’s room, remembering that he had accomplices and now wanting the entire trio out of her inn.

The team posted up to raid the operatives’ room; Henry would unlock the door and Charlie would kick it in. Charlie and Elizabeth stunned out one of the two remaining operatives, but the last one jumped out the window. Charlie quickly followed, while Alice went out the front door to intercept in case he got away. First Charlie and then Alice caught up with the last operative and stunned him out. They then called Tucker Avery, their more militant ally at Holy Trinity Church, to help contain the trio of unconscious bodies. Not wanting to take them to the church, Tucker took them to another safehouse he had set up, an unfurnished basement flat set up almost like a dungeon.

Henry awakened the first one, Taylor Flanders, with a bucket of cold water. When he didn’t respond to questioning, Henry read him psychically, but all he knew was that he needed more subjects, that Tiffany was the designated target, and that the trio’s leader reported to Susan Pham.

After checking on the second one, Justin Anderson, and finding him still unconscious, Henry and Charlie went about interrogating the oldest of the trio, Albert Dreyson. They found him somewhat more talkative but also more manipulative and more arrogant as he began to make demands of them. Eventually, Henry and Albert came down to business and Henry asked why they wanted Tiffany.

“Pham said she was going to feed her to the angel.” With this startling revelation, it seemed that Pham’s group was now beyond the intelligence-gathering phase and now was interested in simply disposing of the Ayr group.

Henry entered his mind, and found two phrases: Grey Vault and Black Archive. Apparently, these were UNIT assets to which the original Susan Pham had access, so this group had some access as well. Further, the Grey Vault seemed to be the secret base the team had surveilled recently.

After the interrogations, Charlie told the rest of the team that she needed to go back to Glasgow to take care of something. Finding herself on the business end of an interrogation, she finally confessed that she was going to pick up her sister, Abigail, who had found herself in some unspecified danger. Alice insisted on accompanying her to provide backup.

Charlie and Alice arrived on the platform just in time for Abigail’s train to arrive. In the chaos of many people embarking and disembarking the train, Charlie noticed two people who were approaching the train side-by-side in an attempt to force Abigail back on the train. Charlie tackled the male, knocking him onto the train, while Alice hit the female just enough to make a hole for Abigail to take up position behind Charlie. Whether they had done so accidentally, or were pretending to be random collisions, the couple boarded the train and the doors closed.

As Alice, Charlie, and Abigail got into their Land Rover, another Land Rover screeched to a halt behind them. The driver of one of the vans the second Land Rover blocked apparently was disgruntled and laid on his horn. It was then that Alice and Charlie recognized Melanie and Fiona in the second Land Rover, and Abigail recognized her third tail as the van’s driver. The driver realized the jig was up and dismounted to run, but the adrenaline of having her sister nearly kidnapped possessed Charlie, who ran him down and tackled him so hard that he hit a parking lot wheel stop and fell unconscious.

As Charlie cuffed and stuffed the driver, Fiona revealed to Alice that she had experienced a vision, in which Abigail was being stuffed into a van by the guy they had just captured. She had a feeling that she couldn’t just let that happen, so she cajoled Melanie into driving them to the train station to stop it.


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