Weeping Angel

Lonely Assassin


“On first appearance, the Weeping Angels seem to be harmless static statues; classic marble sculptures that have adorned churches, graveyards and tombs for centuries. In reality, they are an ancient alien race that can destroy lives with just a touch. Their origins are unknown, and are thought to be as old as the known universe itself. Dubbed the ‘Lonely Assassins’, they are possibly one of the most dangerous and terrifying foes the Doctor has ever faced.”
— p. 174, Doctor Who RPG, 50th Anniversary edition

The Angel faced by the Torchwood Two team seemed to be either weaker or simply different. It seemed to have been imprisoned somehow and transported in a van by Keira Smith and Neville Brown, though it would later turn on Neville. But Fiona Seathanach was able to interfere with its quantum-locking ability long enough for Charlie Williams and Elizabeth Davies to destroy it with laser pistols.

Weeping Angel

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