Sally Sparrow

The woman who didn't blink


Sally Sparrow ‘met’ the Doctor when he left a message for her under the wallpaper at an abandoned house. As Sally dug deeper into the mystery, she helped rescue the Doctor and Martha Jones from the past and discovered the horrifying truth behind the statues at Wester Drumlins. Sally is a slightly introspective, quiet young woman. She’s kind and clever and funny but a little bit of an outcast. Getting the answers she seeks doesn’t quite give her peace but it does give her a huge amount of satisfaction and closure.

Following her encounters at Wester Drumlins, Sally took up running the DVD shop Sparrow & Nightingale with her best friend’s brother, Larry Nightingale.

Sally recently came into possession of the Sideways Book, bequeathed to her decades ago by Jackson Lake. As she confided to the Torchwood Two team, this is not the first “package from the past” she has received; the first was from her best friend, Kathy Nightingale, who was “touched by an angel” and sent back in time to 1920, where she began a new life, trapped in the past.

Sally Sparrow

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