Melanie Bryers

Waitress at Witch's Brew, a coffee shop


While apparently blessed with looks that kill, Melanie Bryers seems to not have the ability (or the luck) to capitalize on her stunning features. She is currently a waitress/barista at Witch’s Brew, a local coffee shop in Glasgow. However, she has worked (and been fired from) more jobs than even she can remember. Near constants in her life include bad finances, bad boyfriends, and rumors of drug abuse.

The one bright spot in her life seems to be the one friend who has stuck by her, Alice Kingston. She considers Alice her BFF, though Alice tries to avoid her.

In early November, she stole the Williams Necklace from a guy named Harry, whose last name she didn’t bother to get during their sexual encounter. During sex, Melanie freaked out at seeing a shrine with daggers and other occult items. Anxious to leave, she faked her orgasm and made her escape. She grabbed the necklace on the way out as “something for my trouble” because “he wasn’t very good, anyway.” A few days later, Charlie Williams bought the necklace from her for a hundred quid.

In response to a psychic prediction from the Mad Woman of Islay that Melanie might be in danger, the Torchwood Two team has relocated her to Islay. During this trip, she and Trevor Rothberry had an erotic encounter, and it has since been revealed that she is carrying his child. Melanie appears to have no memory of the tryst, because during the visit to the Mad Woman of Islay Charlie Williams gave her a dose of Retcon.

Melanie Bryers

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