Henry Taylor

A smooth operator from a parallel universe



  • Awareness 5
  • Coordination 4
  • Ingenuity 3
  • Presence 6
  • Resolve 6
  • Strength 2


  • Athletics 2
  • Convince 6
  • Craft 1
  • Fighting 1
  • Knowledge 2
  • Marksman 2
  • Science 1
  • Subterfuge 3
  • Survival 1
  • Transport 1


  • Attractive
  • Charming
  • Empathic
  • Feel the Turn of the Universe
  • Friends (Torchwood)
  • Psychic (upgrade from Psychic Training during Episode #3)
  • Eccentric (talks about his former world)
  • Impaired Sense (eyesight; gained during Episode #3)
  • Obligation (Torchwood)

Henry Taylor is from Dover, in an alternate world in another dimension. He was fleeing the birth of a totalitarian regime in his world, when a fight broke out on the airplane on which he was fleeing the UK. During the fight, one of the exit doors was opened and he was blown out. Fortunately for him, a dimensional fissure opened nearby and he was blown through into this world. It was at that point that he met Alice Kingston, who had been sent by Torchwood to investigate the fissure in an asylum near London.

Taylor looks up to Elizabeth Davies for having survived the fall of Torchwood Two, as this makes them kindred spirits as “last survivors”. This admiration has grown since the incident with The Evolution Artifact because Davies found a way to resolve the situation without resorting to violence.

Henry Taylor

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