Fiona Seathanach

The Mad Woman from Islay; a blind psychic who reads Tarot


Fiona lives in the Rinns of Islay (“points of Islay”) lighthouse, near Portnahaven, at the western point of the northern section of Islay. The team met her following a vision experience by Henry Taylor.

Fiona’s residence is maintained in a way best described as “a struggle ensued” because, as she claims, “I know where everything is.” Fiona is optically blind, with milky white eyes as if suffering from severe long-term glaucoma, but her gifts allow her to function without problems.

Fiona is referred to as “the Mad Woman” by the residents of Islay, who avoid her as much as possible. She freely confesses to being “not entirely sane”. However, the team has surmised that her long-term exposure to a spacetime fissure in the lighthouse tower has developed genuine and powerful psychic gifts in her.

After closing the spacetime fissure at her lighthouse, Henry Taylor made a compelling argument that she should join Torchwood Two to put her powers to use protecting Britain. She reluctantly agreed, and has joined the team in Glasgow.

Fiona Seathanach

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