Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #3: What happens on Islay stays on Islay

17th – 20th November, 2016

Following their previous investigation, the team decided to gather on Islay to root out any plot behind the casting call, hoping to recover The Tesseract, and to see about disposing of the Cherub Figurine. Elizabeth Davies drove with the Cherub, which had been encased in a welded lead box, while Trevor Rothberry and Melanie Bryers drove in a second Land Rover.

Elizabeth barely managed to make the morning vehicle ferry, whereas Trevor and Melanie apparently were distracted and missed that ferry. Their distraction, it was revealed later, had led them to an erotic interlude in the back of their Land Rover.

Meanwhile, Henry Taylor, Charlie Williams, and Alice Kingston came down from their rooms at the Rockside Inn for breakfast, and Henry discovered he had a message waiting at the front desk. It was the business card for Vincent Cullen, on the back of which was handwritten, “Scenes to be filmed on the beach in Sanaigmore. Be there at 1500.”

Having met up with Elizabeth, they decided to drive up to Sanaigmore for lunch and an early recon of the beach. They arrived at the rocky shoals of Sanaigmore, but no one else had arrived at this early hour. There was a cave up the coast a bit, but the group opted to return to the Rinns of Islay Lighthouse for another visit to the Mad Woman of Islay, Fiona Seathanach. Meanwhile, Trevor and Melanie had finally arrived on Islay by passenger ferry, rented a Mini, and agreed to meet up with the rest of the team at the lighthouse.

The group arrived to see the wooden sign once again, “Do not blame the psychic for your life,” as well as a new addition, an old neon sign: TAROT. Henry got the distinct feeling that Fiona was messing with him. Elizabeth went to knock on the door, and Fiona invited the group inside. Just then, the teapot began to whistle.

After exchanging pleasantries, Trevor and Charlie went upstairs to look at the spacetime fissure that was serving as the lighthouse beacon. Trevor scanned the area and detected Artron Energy leaking through the fissure, with more energy pouring out through the sweeping beam as the beacon tracked around. Trevor warned Charlie, “I’m about to do something stupid,” and then he stepped up through the trapdoor and into the sweeping beam of light and Artron radiation. But nothing happened, despite Henry’s warnings that he had heard voices from the other side of the fissure.

The rest of the group were talking with Fiona. Melanie made a point of sitting as far away from Henry as she could, out of her fear following her encounter with the other Henry Taylor a few days ago. Elizabeth asked Fiona if she would like to see a strange artifact.

Just then, the back of Elizabeth’s vehicle exploded. Almost simultaneously, Fiona shot upright, rigid as a board, and then fell unconscious. Elizabeth immediately began to provide medical attention for Fiona, while the rest of the team ran outside. In the commotion, they lost track of Melanie, whom they found running down the beach, being chased by a human-sized apparition of the Cherub. For some reason, the apparition seemed to float toward Melanie only in starts and stops, almost as if someone were repeatedly pressing the Pause button on a playback.

While Trevor grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, Henry salvaged a medical bag from the front of the burning Land Rover. Charlie sprinted off to catch Melanie, with Alice somewhat behind.

After putting out the fire, Trevor decided he wanted to “psychically attack” the Cherub, but since he had no actual psychic abilities, he decided to focus all of his anger on it, hoping to starve it of fear. Meanwhile, Elizabeth noted that Fiona’s eyes had started glowing and she had gone into a seizure.

Charlie and Alice caught up to Melanie, just as the Cherub apparition froze and shattered. They tried to calm Melanie down, but she screamed like a horror movie scream queen, stunning the two of them briefly. Eventually, they were able to lead her back to the lighthouse, none the worse for wear.

Fiona awakened after the incident and grasped a cup of tea in both hands, as if she were freezing, and asked Elizabeth, “Who is Tonya?” As Elizabeth wrapped a blanket around her to help her warm up, she whispered, “Ask Tonya about the rest of her collection.”

Once the group had reconvened in the lighthouse, Trevor asked Fiona to teach him. At first she refused, saying she wasn’t a teacher, but she eventually relented and admitted that she could only show him the way she had learned, by staring into the fissure. Trevor, Henry, and Elizabeth followed Fiona up the stairs to the beacon, where they sat in front of the beacon, allowing the light to sweep across them as they meditated. Trevor handcuffed Henry to the railing as a safety precaution, in case he should be lured through the fissure.

“Look through and see,” Fiona instructed them as she stared into the spacetime fissure. As they stared, Henry began to hear the voice again beckoning him. And then they all heard a more sinister voice: “You don’t need your body.” Just then Henry’s handcuffs shattered, but fortunately his willpower kept him from stepping through.

Downstairs, a tremor shook the living room. Melanie freaked out, and Charlie persuaded her to take a sedative that Elizabeth had given her, and Melanie soon fell asleep. Another tremor shook the living room as the fissure exploded and then vanished, washing everyone except Charlie and Melanie with a burst of Artron radiation. Alice had been watching through the trap door from downstairs, but only seemed to catch a little of the radiation.
The explosion blinded those upstairs momentarily, but even after it subsided they found their vision was still blurry. They also felt strangely powerful, as if something had been unlocked inside of each of them.

After taking a few moments to recover, the team satisfied that the fissure was sealed, Henry asked Fiona to join them and put her powers to use helping keep Britain safe.

“Yes,” Fiona reluctantly agreed. “But first answer a couple of questions. Why was it necessary to wipe Melanie’s memory? Shouldn’t she know where her child comes from?” So thus the team discovered that the Elizabeth’s “sedative” was in fact Retcon, and that Melanie’s tryst with Trevor had resulted in a pregnancy.

After recovering from those bombshells, Fiona, Trevor, and Elizabeth decided to visit a local optometrist while the rest of the team drove back to Sanaigmore for the film shoot. Trevor and Elizabeth were able to get eyeglasses to correct their vision from the side effects of the fissure’s blast, but Fiona was already blind and already knew there was no correcting this.

Arriving at the beach in Sanaigmore, Henry and Charlie approached Vincent Cullen, while Alice stayed with the still-sleeping Melanie in their car. Vincent beamed as Henry approached, and instructed him to stand on a rock, making a “film frame” motion with his hands to play the part of director. “Beautiful!” Henry played along, even though he felt a sense of danger from Vincent.

Meanwhile, Charlie noticed some light coming from the cave she had seen down the coastline, and asked Henry and Vincent about it. She noticed that Henry was right between Vincent and the cave, and she concluded that Vincent had to know what was going on.

“Wait for the scene to unfold,” Vincent replied. “The stars are in that cave.” When Charlie protested again, Vincent called for the Propmaster. When the Propmaster arrived with a bo staff, he handed it to Charlie and told her to point it toward Henry.

“Perfect!” Vincent seemed satisfied with the framing at that point. “Ready. Action!”

Just then, Vincent and the Propmaster pulled out strange pistol weapons and fired energy beams at them. Charlie managed to pull Henry down behind the rocks when she saw Wilma at the entrance to the cave, thrusting out the Tesseract at them. Just in time, they saw the bo staff vanish before their eyes—that could have been them!

Henry tried to talk through the situation, but it appeared to be a trap from the start. Perhaps Wilma had intended to lure them to that site from the beginning, or perhaps she had some other motive and adjusted when the team arrived. Charlie’s military instincts kicked in, and she drew her pistol and shot Vincent in the face, felling him with a double-tap.

Finding that talk wasn’t going to help, Henry decided to try to put his newfound abilities to work. He found, in the Propmaster’s mind, confirmation that he, Vincent, and Wilma were all aliens. Furthermore, there was a small spaceship in the cave that he and Vincent had brought to try to extract Wilma and the Tesseract. Then the flow of information stopped as Charlie dropped the Propmaster with another double-tap from her pistol.

Charlie then broke cover to sprint toward the cave to try to capture Wilma and the Tesseract. She and Wilma exchanged shots, each injuring the other, before Wilma escaped in the spaceship, albeit without the Tesseract. Although Wilma escaped, Charlie was consoled by her capture of the Tesseract, which she collected by wrapping her jacket around it like a bag.

The team debated for a while what to do about the scene, but flashed their Torchwood credentials to maintain control of the scene when the police arrived. Eventually, the team decided that Henry would call Dr. Susan Pham, a UNIT operative, to report an “extraterrestrial incident”.

Alice quickly left the scene, so she wouldn’t have to answer any of Dr. Pham’s questions, and took Melanie, Fiona, and Trevor with her back down to Lagavulin to check into a hotel and return their rental car. She took one of the two alien pistols with her, leaving the other to be given to the UNIT team.

After only 30 minutes, Dr. Pham and her UNIT team arrived by helicopter. Charlie and Henry told her about the incident, and that Wilma had escaped in a small spaceship.

“I’ve heard that name before,” Dr. Pham replied. “I’ll have to call my other contact about that.” The group concluded that she was referring to Alice as her other contact, as Alice had told her about Wilma following an encounter in the Alps. “ When you call me,” Dr. Pham said to Henry with a flirtatious smile, “we can also talk about the autopsy reports for these two.”

With that, the team returned to their headquarters in Glasgow.


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