Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #11: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

10th - 11th December, 2016

After rescuing Abigail Williams from an apparent kidnapping, Alice quickly went about securing the scene while Charlie made sure her sister was unharmed by the incident. While searching the kidnappers’ van, Alice discovered Dylan Tate’s tablet PC. She also discovered a second object, which she discreetly tucked into her coat.

Fiona revealed her vision, in which Abigail was being stuffed into a van, and that she had cajoled Melanie into driving them to the train station to stop it. Alice and Charlie decided that it might be best to gather the team together as much as possible, so they all drove to Ayr to meet up with Elizabeth and Henry. Trevor, it seemed, was still working to the point of obsession on something at Torchwood HQ and refused to join the team in Ayr.

Meanwhile, Henry and Elizabeth were discussing how they might go about keeping their Zygon prisoners sedated indefinitely. As they had found from Marvin Patterson, Zygons seemed to be largely immune to Retcon, so some other sedative would have to be used if they went that route.

Following the discussion, Elizabeth returned to the hotel room of Albert Dreyson to search for more information. Indeed, a thorough search of the room turned up in Dreyson’s bag a tablet PC and a second object that Elizabeth discreetly tucked into her coat. This tablet PC had several warnings active on the display, each indicating the incapacitation of Dreyson and his agents.

Once the rest of the team gathered in Ayr, they took Dylan Tate to Tucker Avery’s “dungeon flat,” where he was currently holding Dreyson’s team captive. Hoping to gain some sort of psychic reading that he had somehow missed, Henry walked Fiona through the flat. As they walked in, Fiona grasped his hand, pointed to the tracking chip he had implanted, and said, “They have one of these, too.” Fiona grew more uncomfortable in the flat and so she went outside to sit with Alice, Melanie, and Abigail in one of the Land Rovers.

Elizabeth examined Dylan, and confirmed that he had a tracking chip implanted subcutaneously behind his right ear. Suddenly, tensions went up as the team worried about how long their locations had been known to the Zygons. Finally, it was decided to remove the chips, and Elizabeth started with Dylan’s chip. But once she removed it, Dylan’s tablet PC sprang to life with a warning that Dylan had gone offline and pinpointing his last known location.

As they suddenly grew desperate to rid themselves of their Zygon prisoners, Henry placed a call to Tucker Avery, but his phone went to voice mail. Henry then called the church and reached Marvin Patterson, the rector, who informed him that Tucker had left the church about thirty minutes ago.

While Henry and Charlie were “disposing of” their prisoners, Alice noticed a suspicious-looking van drive by. She decided to tail the van, just in case something was about to happen, and she wasn’t disappointed. As the van rounded the corner, an Artron explosion rocked the back of the van, flipping it forward, tossing Tucker Avery out the back, and knocking out the driver, passenger, and a second Tucker Avery and another man in back. All were knocked unconscious by the blast and the resulting crash.

As the rest of the team arrived, Fiona helped guide Alice to the Tucker Avery they had known before. Elizabeth and Henry read the minds of the others and confirmed that they were Susan Pham’s agents, sent to strike at Patterson’s faction. Worried that there were already too many Zygons hanging around, Charlie threw more petrol on the car fire to make sure the four agents burned to death.

Immediately, the team headed back to the church to warn Rev. Patterson about the attack. Ariane Walters tended Tucker’s injuries, as she seemed to have some medical training and a strange scanner device.

Henry began working to persuade Patterson to leave Ayr. “War is upon you.” At last, Patterson agreed to leave, and Elizabeth gave him the address and a key to their secondary safehouse in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Abigail began to talk through some of the problems that had separated them, and they eventually hugged and even began to laugh together. Then the conversation took a turn when Fiona suddenly struck out with her hand and knocked a metal whisky flask out of Melanie’s hand. “Stop that!” Fiona’s normal whisper of a voice suddenly jumped in volume and pitch. This had the effect of drawing the sisters just a little closer together, as they laughed over what seemed like slapstick comedy while at the same time both resolving to keep an eye on Melanie.

After this, the team returned to their HQ in Glasgow. As they all sat down to talk, Henry confessed to Abigail about the team’s affiliation with Torchwood.

“So you’re part of a cell, then?” Abigail responded, following the day’s adventures.

As she left the rest of the group to their conversation, Elizabeth decided to have a night in at home, and called her boyfriend, Charles Rogers. He explained that he had just started preparing dinner.

Fiona interjected in the one side of the phone conversation she could hear. “You should go out for dinner. Didn’t he promise you tickets to the theater?”

“That’s right, he did,” Elizabeth recalled.

“Oh, that was tonight!” Charles confirmed as he retrieved the tickets from the refrigerator door. “I’ll put things away and get ready.”

So Elizabeth and Charles went to the play first, something tragic about bucket brigade firemen in Roman times, but Elizabeth couldn’t concentrate on it enough to remember more after the Zygon day she had had. After the attempted kidnappings in Ayr, she finally put it together that Pham was beginning to target family members of the team. But why wasn’t Charles targeted? Surely, it wasn’t a secret the two of them were dating seriously.

Then Elizabeth looked up, and she was sitting across a restaurant table from Charles. Worry and paranoia took her momentarily, and she read him psychically. She tried her hardest to focus the reading so she didn’t invade too much, but she was relieved to confirm that Charles was human.

After dinner, they returned home. But as they were approaching their building, Elizabeth saw a strange light flashing in the window of their flat. So she drove around the corner and parked, suspecting intruders inside, and she called the rest of the team for backup.

As Charlie, Alice, and Henry arrived, Elizabeth instructed Charles to stay in the car while they cleared the flat. They went upstairs to the second-story flat, and posted ready to burst in.

At that point, Charles called Elizabeth. “Some people in masks just got into a van, and they’re driving off.”

In response to the call, Alice headed outside to follow the van. Charles started his car and began to tail it, just like he’d seen in the movies.

Then there was an explosion from the flat.

The door exploded out into the corridor and fragments of the building collapsed, throwing Elizabeth, Henry, and Charlie to the floor. Having reached the exit, Alice was largely unaffected. Shocked by the explosion, Charles jumped the curb and one of the wheels detached from the car, bringing it to a stop.

As those upstairs picked themselves up off of the floor, the police began to arrive. Once police and firefighters had arrived and made sure the scene was safe, it was found that the explosion was pretty well localized to the single second-story flat and, while that flat was demolished, the rest of the building suffered relatively little damage. After being cleared to leave, Elizabeth and Charles checked into a hotel for the night.

Elizabeth had a restless sleep as she replayed the incident over and over in her dreams (or nightmares). But whereas she didn’t get a good night’s sleep, the nightmares fueled her memory and she did remember seeing the van as she and Charles had parked. And she remembered the license plate.

While Elizabeth and Charles spent most of Sunday morning talking with police and insurance investigators, the rest of the team ran down the license plate:

  • The van is registered to UNIT, with a Killiecrankie address.
  • According to CCTV footage, there were four individuals involved: three masked men and a driver, identified as Kurt Ashley.

While Charlie and Alice did the investigative work back at HQ, Henry read the paper over coffee and scones. But Henry was in for a shock of his own, as he stumbled across a news story about a woman kidnapped at Club Pandemonium last night during a shootout. The woman—his wingman, Lydia Barrows.

Henry dropped the paper, spilling the coffee. “Son of a bitch…”


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