Torchwood Two


Torchwood Two was based out of Glasgow until an incident involving Cybermen and Mr Franklin resulted in its downfall. The only survivor was Elizabeth Davies.

In the months following the incident, Torchwood Two has been revived in secret. Current members include, in order of joining the branch:

  1. Elizabeth Davies
  2. Alice Kingston
  3. Henry Taylor
  4. Trevor Rothberry
  5. Charlie Williams
  6. Neuromancer (secretly)
  7. Fiona Seathanach

At the start, the revived Torchwood Two received no official resources from the Crown. The remaining staff carried on successfully through intimidation, fast-talking, and the few resources Davies was able to smuggle out of the old Torchwood Two facility under the noses of UNIT’s invasion.

UNIT still suspects there is a Torchwood presence in Glasgow, but it has not yet nailed down a location and its fear of Torchwood seems to have subsided. Meanwhile, Torchwood Two has recently started receiving funding from the Crown again, as Torchwood is still enabled by Royal decree.

Torchwood Two HQ is in an office park within a residential area. It has only a few parking spots out front, but it has a small underground garage. Its basic floor layout, all connected by a large service elevator:

  • First floor: Office space, currently unused
  • Ground floor: Offices surrounding a cubicle farm
  • Underground parking garage
  • Basement: Workshop, Armoury
  • Sub-basement: Vault, Containment Cells

Torchwood Two

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