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  • Susan Pham

    Dr Susan Pham is something of a medical prodigy. She earned both a MD and a PhD in biology by age 20 from the University of Geneva. She was instantly snapped up by UNIT, where she has become one of Europe's (if not the world's) expert on exobiology. At …

  • Amy Rothberry

    Dr Amy Rothberry was a surgeon whose talented hands were always in demand. She married [[:trevor-rothberry | Trevor Rothberry]] shortly after graduating from medical school. Tragically, the demand for her talents would lead to her demise in a car …

  • Howard Cloverfield

    Dr. Howard Cloverfield is a professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Glasgow. He runs the MRI laboratory and was introduced to the team by [[:nigel-thurston-iv | Nigel Thurston IV]].

  • Susan Summers

    Dr. Susan Summers is the Chief of Medicine at Gartnavel General Hospital, the nearest major hospital to the [[Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum | Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum]]. [[:trevor-rothberry | Trevor Rothberry]] met her recently, following …