The Wire

Disembodied electronic entity


On the planet Hermethica, a criminal syndicate took control of the major cities. They used a genetic abnormality that allowed them to transform into beings of pure plasmic energy and used their new-found state to influence electrical signals on the planet to their own ends. The gang’s leader, known only as ‘The Wire’, was captured. The people of Hermethica tried and executed her for her crimes but she managed a further plasmic transformation, transmitting herself into a mobile recording device that had been illegally smuggled in to film the execution. Since that time, she has travelled along signal wavelengths, in the hopes of discovering a planet where she might reconstitute her physical form.

On Earth in 1953, she concealed herself in television signals, transferring herself from set-to-set. She took basic human form within the signals, based upon a popular television presenter. She manipulated Mr. Magpie, the owner of an electronics shop, using him to spread the technology to enough households to allow her to feed on the resident’s mental energies. Magpie was to deliver the Wire to the broadcast tower at Alexandra Palace on the day of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, where the increase in power and broadcast range would allow her to feed on the mental energy of the three million viewers of that event (the largest television audience in history to that point) and giving her enough energy to return to Hermethica to exact her revenge. Luckily, the Doctor was on hand, armed with a trusty Betamax video recorder.

(page 92, The Tenth Doctor’s Sourcebook)

Recently, her Betamax tape surfaced among the things Elizabeth Davies found at Once in a Blue Moon. The tape has since been destroyed by Trevor Rothberry.

The Wire

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