Susan Pham

UNIT exobiologist and medical doctor


Dr Susan Pham is something of a medical prodigy. She earned both a MD and a PhD in biology by age 20 from the University of Geneva. She was instantly snapped up by UNIT, where she has become one of Europe’s (if not the world’s) expert on exobiology. At the same time, UNIT covert operatives have trained her to use her natural charms to their utmost; still younger than 30, Dr Pham is an intellectual and social force to be reckoned with.

Dr Pham has Epsilon-level clearance within UNIT, which is somewhat higher than the clearances of most high-grade scientific staff (who generally have Delta-level clearance).

Alice Kingston approached her at one point in her quest to find The Tesseract and Wilma, and Dr Pham was all too happy to help. However, Kingston turned down Dr Pham’s help when she found the price would be delivery of the Tesseract, and inside information about Torchwood, to UNIT.

Susan Pham

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