Nigel Thurston IV

Professor of library science at Glasgow


Professor Nigel Thurston IV originally taught library science at Oxford University , but recently he moved to the University of Glasgow.

Elizabeth Davies was one of his best graduate students when she did her master’s work under him. He thought of Elizabeth almost like a daughter, and he was so proud of her work that they shared a bottle of Macallan 25-year Scotch when she completed her master’s degree.

He still thinks of her as a daughter, and he moved to Glasgow in part because he had a feeling her life had taken a downturn recently. Although he doesn’t know about the fall of Torchwood Two, Elizabeth has had a harder time keeping things from him, almost as if he has developed a sixth sense about these things.

It was recently revealed by Marvin Patterson that Nigel is a Zygon from the parallel universe.

Nigel Thurston IV

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