Henry A Taylor

A smooth operator from this universe


Henry is originally from Dover, but graduated a few years ago from Oxford with a BA in Jurisprudence. He was then hired by the office of Katherine Byron, where he began practice as a barrister. He has since risen through the ranks in Byron’s campaign to become Prime Minister. Rumor has it that he is angling for a political appointment out of this campaign as well.

Henry recently showed up at the door of Torchwood Two, beaten and apparently running from something. When Henry Taylor touched him, an explosion of Artron energy resulted.

After releasing him, the team later found him in the flat of “Harry”, whom Melanie Bryers had slept with and from whom she had stolen The Williams Necklace. Trevor Rothberry surmised that either she had misremembered (Harry vs. Henry) or he had lied to her.

Henry is now in the custody of UNIT, but the Torchwood Two team has been granted access to him for questioning.

Henry A Taylor

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