Charlie Williams

A former UNIT operative, now working for Torchwood...or is she?



  • Awareness 4
  • Coordination 5
  • Ingenuity 2
  • Presence 2
  • Resolve 4
  • Strength 4


  • Athletics 3
  • Fighting 4
  • Marksman 5
  • Subterfuge 3
  • Survival 2
  • Transport 3


  • Attractive
  • Brave
  • Fast Healing
  • Friends (Torchwood)
  • Hot Shot
  • Tough
  • By the Book
  • Obligation (Torchwood)
  • Outcast

Charlie Williams was a troubled youth in Bristol. As she grew up, it seemed the only path for her was the Army. Later, she joined UNIT.

At one point, she saved a civilian, Jacob Michaelson, from certain death during a machination of the Master, and her superiors wanted to oust her immediately for failing to follow the order to shoot to kill. Following the incident, Trevor Rothberry pulled her out of the frying pan and into his Torchwood unit.

Charlie looks like a girlfriend Henry Taylor had in his parallel universe, whom he left in London before his fateful flight. Henry kissed her when they first met in this reality, resulting in an incident that causes some awkwardness for either of them to be reminded of.

Charlie believes Elizabeth Davies was the real cause of the fall of Torchwood Two. She believes Davies was angling toward the director’s chair herself, and part of her doesn’t trust Davies now that she is nominally in charge of Torchwood activities out of Glasgow.

Charlie Williams

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