Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #8: Reflections and Deflections

7th – 9th December, 2016

“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me about being a Zygon?” Trevor Rothberry accused Elizabeth Davies with all the dramatic flair he could muster. He then set up a plasma screen TV in the office and used it to display the MRI images he had received from Dr. Susan Pham. Charlie, Henry, and Alice seemed not to understand what was being displayed, leaving Elizabeth to defend herself against Trevor’s accusation. After nearly an hour of arguing and examining the images, Elizabeth convinced Trevor that perhaps there was something amiss in the data, as if it might have been altered for their benefit. Eventually, the team decided that all of them should be scanned, just to allay further suspicions among them.

Elizabeth called her old professor, Nigel Thurston IV, in the hope that he had some contacts in a nearby medical school. “I’m too claustrophobic to use one of those things myself,” Nigel responded, “but I do know someone here at Glasgow. Howard Cloverfield is a professor in the Department of Medicine. I’ll see what I can arrange.”

The team arrived early Thursday morning at the University, along with Melanie, Sally, and Fiona. There they met Dr. Cloverfield and his postgraduate research assistant, Zell Miller, who maintained the MRI. Zell pointed the group to a small changing room, where he insisted each subject leave his or her electronic or metallic devices while being scanned.

Trevor went into the scanner first, then Elizabeth, and then each told the other that they were not Zygons. After that, both Trevor and Elizabeth monitored the MRI results as each other teammate was scanned. They wanted in particular to see what Fiona’s brain looked like, out of curiosity regarding her psychic abilities. Fiona responded that she should go last, and they agreed, though they might have been a bit suspicious of her request. In turn, each of the team was scanned and cleared—none of them was a Zygon. It came to Fiona’s turn at last, but the machine shorted out when it tried to scan her, creating an electromagnetic pulse that plunged the building into darkness and fried all of the team’s electronic equipment. At that point, the team made a hasty exit rather than explain that Fiona’s psychic abilities had somehow interacted with the MRI system.

Once back at Torchwood Two, Elizabeth pushed through the paperwork to appoint Melanie as an administrative assistant. Melanie’s first task would be pushing the paperwork to get replacements for the team’s destroyed equipment.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team sat down to talk with Sally Sparrow once more. While Sally was anxious to leave, Charlie placed a hand on her shoulder and forced her to remain seated. Henry peered into her mind and discovered two things:

  1. She does not like Charlie.
  2. She still remembers the blood on Henry’s hands when they first met. This is why she had refused to shake his hand.

After talking a bit more, Sally gave them a phone number, and Elizabeth and Henry recommended she check out the church in Ayr.

Next, the team went about interrogating the guard they had taken prisoner from the Kelvingrove, the Zygon who had stung Elizabeth. “Daniel Lawrence. My friends call me Danny,” he said to Henry, “but you can call me Daniel. So…how did you cross over?”

Henry peered into Daniel’s mind, and found that a fissure had taken his entire village, crossing its inhabitants over to this world about a year ago. Before that, he had been a cop. Henry also got the first indication that the totalitarian government that had taken over his own world was, in fact, a sort of Zygon invasion. But because his world’s Zygons didn’t have to kidnap the subjects they were impersonating, they were better able to coexist with the humans of that world. A difference between the two worlds, Henry began to remember, was that on his world “twins” arose at a much greater rate starting in about the 1600s. So the mimicked people are still walking around on his world. Finally, some of the people of his village had found solace in a church in Ayr, under the leadership of Marvin Patterson.

After a brief conversation, Daniel agreed to be blindfolded so he couldn’t lead anyone back to Torchwood Two, and the team released him back into the wild (after Trevor took a tissue sample for further research).

It was then that Henry realized the team was sending Sally Sparrow into a Zygon nest in Ayr, and he frantically texted her to avoid that church.

Now the team was ready to confront Dr. Pham about her apparent ruse. Trevor sent her a message requesting a meeting, but there was no response. Growing more impatient, he then sent a drone to the hospital, where he found there was no activity in Amy Rothberry’s room. Finally, he broke out his old wedding ring and the picture of Amy that he still carried. “I’m going to see my wife.”

Arriving at the hospital, the team found Amy was gone, as were Denise Grassi and Susan Pham. Immediately Trevor demanded to speak with someone higher up the chain and he met with Dr. Susan Summers, the hospital’s Chief of Medicine. She revealed that UNIT had scooped up all three of them just within the last few hours, and over her strenuous objections. “I have filed an official complaint with the NHS about this incident. Unofficially, I’m pissed as hell that this shite has been going on in my hospital, on my watch.” As Trevor looked around her office, he noticed things were strewn on the floor and little remaining on her desk, as if Dr. Summers had cleared her desk in a fit of rage.

It was then that Neuromancer informed Trevor that it had used CCTV footage to track a lorry that had left the hospital at about the time in question and was headed into Cairngorms National Park.


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