Glasgow Nights (Doctor Who RPG)

Episode #5: And Get the Priest As Well

25th – 27th November, 2016

Having found Chris Parsons dead outside Once in a Blue Moon, the team decided to retrace his steps. He had called his backup number, which had rung to the Holy Trinity Church, in Ayr, so Elizabeth, Charlie, Henry, and Alice piled into a Land Rover and drove to the church. They arrived to find a service in progress, and Henry’s alternate-Earth “eccentricity” came to the fore, as he applied water from the baptismal font as if it were perfume. He and Alice had a heated, though whispered, discussion about it as the four of them headed for the fourth-to-last pew (the last three pews had already been occupied).

Following the service, the team stuck around, waiting for the other parishioners to depart before approaching Rev. Marvin Patterson, the rector. As Charlie had already met him before, she made the introductions for the rest of the team and they all strolled to Marvin’s office. The Father closed the door, but left it barely ajar, and asked the group how he could help them. Henry asked him immediately about extraterrestrials, and told the priest a wild story about shapechanging aliens, then the Father responded to Charlie in apparent disbelief, “Is he really with you?”

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Tucker Avery poked his head in to remind Marvin that there was a vestry meeting in about 25 minutes. Marvin thanked him and he left, but not before Henry took a glimpse inside Tucker’s mind. Within his mind, Tucker revealed that he had recognized Henry’s method of applying holy water—he was from Henry’s world!

The conversation continued, but Marvin didn’t seem to have any information (or didn’t want to part with any). Quite the opposite, he seemed to be watching the team’s responses carefully for any clues or hints they might drop. As the conversation drew to a close, Henry tried to read Marvin’s mind, but found him psychically trained enough to block the attempt. He did, however, read his response well enough to tell he was lying when he denied knowing any “displaced individuals”.

Meanwhile, back at Torchwood Two, Trevor Rothberry was once again examining the Tesseract. In this latest round of experimentation, he found that its setting depends on the orientation of the case with respect to a local magnetic field (in this case, the geomagnetic field), and that it somehow amplified and transformed the local magnetic field to channel Artron energy. He came to the conclusion that there were two ways to deactivate the device: use a psychic who is trained to use the device (but whereas the team had a powerful psychic in Fiona Seathanach, she did not seem to have the necessary training to use the device sufficiently well to turn it off), or put the device into a Faraday cage for a long enough period of time that its residual magnetic field would dissipate.

As the rest of the team were about to leave the church, they noticed the vestry assembling in the conference room and the verger, Ariane Walters, just about to close the door. Henry and Elizabeth decided to take this last opportunity to use their psychic powers, for which they had to see their target. They discovered the verger had also recognized Henry’s method of using baptismal water, leading them to the conclusion that she is also from Henry’s world, and that she is the eyes and ears of the church and intends to keep her eye on the group in the future. With that revelation, the group set back on the road to return home.

The following day, Henry and Elizabeth went to UNIT to talk to Dr. Susan Pham and to interrogate the other Henry. The other Henry revealed that the note he had delivered (the Durdin File) was given to him by his boss, Katherine Byron. Unsatisfied with the amount of information they were getting from him, Elizabeth dropped the bombshell that Melanie Bryers is pregnant.

This allowed Henry to slip into the other Henry’s mind and find out that whereas Melanie was not a target of the Cult of Durdin at first, she is definitely a target now. While the cult doesn’t want Melanie dead, they clearly have some reason for wanting her desperately.

At that moment, the other Henry leapt across the interrogation room table, getting just close enough to Henry to trigger an explosion of Artron energy. Apparently, he hoped it would cause enough mayhem that he could escape, but Dr. Pham and her UNIT troops were too well prepared, and they bound both Henrys.

It fell to Elizabeth to help defuse the situation enough to persuade Dr. Pham to release Henry. In doing so, Elizabeth confessed that the Henrys are from different dimensions, while barely avoiding discussion of which Henry was from which world. At that point, Dr. Pham’s phone rang, and she became visibly displeased as her phone conversation concluded. She turned to Elizabeth and said flatly, “I have to release them both. You’ll get your Henry, but the other Henry’s political connections got him free. Be sure I don’t see either of them again.”

Meanwhile, Charlie and Trevor once visited Once in a Blue Moon, only to find it closed down. They found some blood in the rubbish bin around back, just as Eugene Wesley came out of the bookstore next door with a couple of bags for the bin. He seemed friendly enough, and told them he’d seen Tonya Watson leave the day before. “She said she was going on holiday to London.” A search of CCTV footage confirmed the story that she had gone to London, but Tonya’s vehicle was found dumped in an alleyway there.

The group decided to take the opportunity to look into the shop, and set themselves to do a nighttime break-in of Once in a Blue Moon. They used Neuromancer (now connected to the internet) to hack the alarm system and Fiona as a psychic lookout, while Charlie picked the locks along with Trevor and Elizabeth. In the shop itself, Elizabeth found ITEM and Charlie found The Crystal, while Trevor took the computer and found the register had only coins and no bills. On the chance that Tonya might eventually return, Trevor bugged the shop.

Then the group descended to the basement, where they found a sealed off room locked with Zygon bioelectronic locks. They eventually unsealed the room, in which they found some shocking items:

  1. The real Tonya Watson, stored in a stasis tank, apparently for the Zygon’s use. Upon pulling her out, the group found that her last memory was of closing up the shop one night…five years ago.
  2. Eleven paintings, three on each wall, minus the space for the door. Each painting had a blank spot, as if a vaguely humanoid silhouette had been cut out of it. This reminded Elizabeth of a painting she had seen a few weeks ago at the Kelvingrove.

The team turned over the shop to UNIT, which cordoned off the entire block around the shop in a rather obvious display of force. Meanwhile, the team thought about their next move, probably to investigate the Kelvingrove and its curator, Dr. Denise Grassi.


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